against the will of 意味

  • agàinst the wíll of O
    〈人〉の意志にそむいて,逆らって;[against one's ~] 不本意ながら

    He was laid off against his ~. 心ならずも彼は解雇された.
  • against:    against prep. …に反対して; …と向かいあって; …にもたれかかって.【副詞】I am dead against the use of nuclear weapons.核兵器の使用には断固反対であるHe was leaning right against the glass.まともにそのガラス張りにもたれかかっていたI'm very much against smoking in
  • against and for:    賛成反対、有罪無罪The vote (14 against Pinochet and 6 for) was announced. ピノチエット(有罪)賛成14、反対6の投票結果が発表された。
  • as against:    ~に比べて、~に対してIt emphasizes group rights as against individual freedoms. それは、個人の自由より、グループの利益に重点を置いている。


  1. as zeami respected his stepson , zenchiku , more than his own son , juro daifu , and gave zenchiku good lessons on the chanting of noh text , zeami was exiled to sado province against the will of the shogun ' s representative .
  2. the first memorial insisted on opposition to opening of the kobe port , but the third one advocated ' opening of the country (japan ) to the world and enriching it ,' and showed a measure to enrich and strengthen the country by opening it positively (however , it opposed to opening of kobe port because it was against the will of emperor komei ).


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