airlift flight 意味

  • 空輸{くうゆ}
  • airlift:    1airlift n. 空中輸送.【動詞+】carry out an airlift空中輸送を行なう.【形容詞 名詞+】an emergency airlift of food and drugs食糧と薬品の緊急空輸a massive airlift大規模空輸.【+前置詞】an airlift of troops兵員の空輸. 2airlift v. 空輸する.【副詞1】The injured
  • airlift of troops:    兵員{へいいん}の空輸{くうゆ}
  • airlift operation:    空輸作戦{くうゆ さくせん}


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