allergic disease 意味

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  • アレルギー性疾患{せいしっかん}
  • allergic eye disease:    アレルギー性眼疾患{せい がん しっかん}
  • allergic:    allergic adj. アレルギー(性)の; 《戯言》 大嫌いの.【副詞】highly allergicアレルギー性の高いHe is slightly allergic to egg.鶏卵に軽いアレルギー反応を示す.【+前置詞】She is allergic to pollen .花粉アレルギーだMy skin is allergic to rubber.私の皮膚はゴムに対してアレルギー反
  • allergic to:    ~にアレルギーがある、~が大の苦手{にがて}の、~が性に合わない、~が大嫌い{だいきらい}なYou shouldn't eat the food to which you are allergic. アレルギーのある食物を食べるべきではない。


  1. in tokyo , which has independently implemented research and measures into pollinosis and allergies including the pollen allergy measurements and review committee implemented in the latter half of the 1980s and the allergic disease countermeasures investigation committee founded in 1998 , countermeasures against forests which are a source of pollen have been compiled and these were put into operation in 2006 .


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