alluvial epoch 意味

  • 沖積期{ちゅうせきき}、沖積世{ちゅうせきせい}
  • alluvial:    alluvial沖積ちゅうせき
  • alluvial...:    alluvial...沖積〔成〕[地球]
  • epoch:    epoch n. 新紀元; 画期的な出来事; 画期的な時代; 〔地質〕 世(せい).【動詞+】American labor-saving inventions form an epoch in the history of the human race.アメリカにおける労働節約の諸発明は人類史上に一新紀元を画するものだThis reform marks an epoch in educatio


  1. not only in japan but also in the north american continent and the asian continent , the point achieved a remarkable development from the end of the diluvial epoch (pleistocene epoch ) to the early alluvial epoch (holocene epoch ).


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