along the coast 意味

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  • along the coast
  • coast along:    (財産{ざいさん}?地位{ちい}などによって)苦労{くろう}もなく順調{じゅんちょう}に進むAfter a shaky start, it did not take long before they were coasting along. 始まりはガタガタしていたが、すぐに順調に進み始めた。
  • along the east coast:    along the east coast東岸沿いにとうがんぞいに
  • along the north coast:    along the north coast北岸沿いにほくがんぞいに


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  1. i mean , half those hospitals along the coast are gone now .
    当時の病院も ほとんど無いし
  1. you see the rivers which are coming along the coast
  1. half of it is actually being refined along the coast
    その半分は メキシコ湾で精製されているはずです
  1. and literally takes part in life and death along the coast .
    沿岸地域の生活に 深く結びついてきました
  1. this is a picture i took when i was flying along the coast .


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