always-on 意味

  • {形} : 常時接続{じょうじ せつぞく}の、つけっ放しの
  • (not) always:    (not) always必ずしもかならずしも
  • always:    alwaysしょっちゅう日夜にちや常日頃つねひごろ夙夜しゅくや何時でもいつでもなんどきでも何時もいつも切り無しきりなし年百年中ねんびゃくねんじゅう普段ふだん何時だっていつだって常々常常つねづね決まってきまって年中ねんじゅう毎々毎毎まいまい常につねに
  • always on:    {形} :


  1. there are some taxi companies that employ a system whereby a taxi driver belonging to any of the companies turns on the crime-prevention switch , the wireless equipment sends the taxi ' s current positional information and a distress signal to the wireless office , and the taxi ' s radio becomes always-on state so that the conversation in the taxi can be heard by people in the wireless office .


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