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  1. the american at present prefer american-style sushi roll as before .
  2. because the boom started from the united states , customers in each country mainly ordered the american-style sushi roll like those in the united states .
  3. although the trend was newly called " sushi boom ," the sushi that the american mainly ate in those days was american-style sushi roll like california roll designed in the united states .
  4. however , the u .s . designed american-style sushi roll like california roll accounts for about 80 percent of the order for sushi , while nigirizushi (sushi shaped by hand ), a traditional sushi in japan , accounts for 20 percent .
  5. however , japanese restaurants overseas serve not only japanese dishes with tradition and history , but also relatively new dishes ranging from teppanyaki (foods grilled on an iron plate ), teriyaki (grilling with soy sauce and sugar ), curry and rice , pork cutlet on rice and ramen (chinese soup noodle ) to american-style sushi roll like california roll , which were created by mixing various ideas extracted from the foods culture of japan and others .
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