an enclosure 意味



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  1. imagine that we build an enclosure where we put it
  2. and it's going to be housed in an enclosure that's 22 stories
    また その望遠鏡を納めるケースは 22階の建物と同じ
  3. physically filling an enclosure , a mold
  4. small dogs and cats should be kept in an enclosure if left unattended , as coyotes , oh , are able to jump ...
    小型犬やネコは囲いから 容易に逃げ...
  5. shoin-do hall: an enclosure at the end of the path that leads left (north ) after passing through the sammon gate .
    松隠堂 - 三門をくぐった参道の左側(北側)の一郭。


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