analogous to 意味

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  • 《be ~》~に似ている、類似{るいじ}した
    Their relationship is analogous to neighboring nations at war. 彼らの関係は、戦争中の隣接国のようなものだ。
  • analogous:    analogous adj. 似ている.【副詞】The two processes are closely analogous.この 2 つの過程はとても(など)類似している.【+前置詞】Love and hatred are curiously analogous in their basic nature.愛と憎しみはその本質において奇妙に類似しているThe two substances
  • analogous with:    《be ~》~と似ている
  • analogous...:    analogous...相似[医生]


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  1. which is analogous to when singlecelled organisms
  2. is analogous to treating a patient with a heart problem
  3. i mean , this is analogous to our interest in things that
  4. and it is analogous to what happens when you boil water .
    それは水が 沸騰するのに似ていて
  5. and that's analogous to making better use
    これは既存の抗生物質を もっと上手に使う事と


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