and northward 意味



  1. trains of kyoto municipal subway series 10 are also operated on the shared track . (the series is mainly used for local trains that double back at shin-tanabe station and northward .
  2. however , from around the taika era , the development of the ezo area began in a strained international context , starting with the installation of the nutari stockades in 647 , and followed by the continued construction of stockades in and northward of modern day niigata and miyagi prefectures .
  3. in the kanto region , including the tama area , the period from the mid-sixth century to the mid-seventh century (until the taika reform ) was a time when , in order to expand the sphere of influence in the mainland of japan , the yamato regime fought battles with mojin ( " hairy people " which refers to natives of ezo ), who had influence in the kanto region and northward , to conquer them or to prevent their strong resistance and attempted to mediate the power struggles among the regional clans .
  4. jnr/jr kiha 47 type diesel cars , which had two pairs of double doors and belonged to fukuchiyama railway yard (the present day jr west fukuchiyama railway yard ), commonly operated from higashi-maizuru station and southward (in the direction of ayabe & fukuchiyama stations ), and jnr/jr kiha 48 type diesel cars , which had two single doors , belonged to tsuruga railway yard (the present jr west tsuruga railway yard ' s branch in fukui region ' s railway division ), and was shared among the maizuru line , the hokuriku main line (from omi-shiozu station to the tokaido main line hikone station via maibara station ), and the kosei line (to omi-imazu station ) commonly operated from higashi-maizuru station and northward (in the direction of obama & tsuruga station ).
    東舞鶴駅を境に、以南(綾部・福知山方面)が国鉄キハ47形気動車 (両開き2扉 福知山機関区(現・JR西日本福知山運転所)所属)、以北(小浜・敦賀方面)が国鉄キハ48形気動車(片開き2扉 敦賀運転所(現・JR西日本福井地域鉄道部敦賀運転所派出所)所属・北陸本線(近江塩津以東米原及び東海道本線彦根まで)・湖西線(近江今津までの運用)との共通運用)と分かれて運用された。


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