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  1. On traveling they were to wear navy blue cotton clothes , kyahan (foot cover ), kogake (foot guards ) and straw sandals .
  2. In the portrayal , the minowaraji has a straw raincoat as its torso and straw sandals (which are called ' waraji ' in japanese ) as its legs .
  3. In addition , the edge of tatami (a floor covering made of tightly woven grass and straw ) and designs were changed strictly depending upon class .
  4. Tatami mats (floor coverings made of tightly woven grass and straw ) are set up behind the makiwara for fear an arrow might break a wall or window glass when it misses the makiwara .
  5. To facilitate the participants to pilgrimage to ise-jinja shrine , wealthy merchants opened their shops and residences to them , and distributed packed meals and straw sandals .
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