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  • ~など、~その他
    My son is always talking about conceptual art and such. 息子はいつも、概念芸術とかそういうものについて語る。
    She asked Bob his advise and such. 彼女はボブにアドバイスなどを求めた。
    You don't have a right to privacy concerning my personal mail, diaries and such. あなた+もっと...


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  1. but i can't eat bitter melon and such ... eh ?
    でも 私 ゴーヤとかダメなんで... 。 え?
  2. and such a people strategy consists of four parts .
  3. from the start , i've been bad with love and such .
    私 もともと 恋愛とか苦手なんです。
  4. tourists at the resorts for spa vacations and such .
  5. the reason this was so exciting and such a breakthrough
    その当時 飛躍的な前進として


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