angle of the jaw 意味

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  • angle of the jaw
  • angle of jaw:    下顎角{かがくかく}
  • jaw:    1jaw n. あご; 《口語》 (とりとめのない)長話, 雑談.【動詞+】He broke his jaw.あごの骨を折ったI'll break your jaw.(おどしで)お前のあごの骨をへし折ってやるdislocate one's jawあごをはずすHe narrowly escaped the jaws of death.危うく死地を逃れたThey had a good jaw ov
  • jaw at:    ~を説教する、~をしかる


  1. those eyes and the angle of the jaw .
    その目つきと アゴの線の角度!


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