anti- 意味

  • anti-

  • anti:    {名?形} : 反ユダヤ主義(の)、反ユダヤ主義者--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【変化】《複》anti-Semites
  • anti-s:    anti-S抗-S[医生]
  • anti american:    {形} :


  1. was there a reason
  2. his efforts to undermine itagaki achieved some of the results; however , attempts to organize the anti- itagaki force failed since they prompted the reinstatement of former sabaku-ha (supporters of the shogun ) and sasaki and saitou were regarded as itagaki ' s allies (as betrayers who helped to establish the new government ) and accused .
  3. there are a couple of theories as to why soga no emishi blocked prince yamashiro no oe in his bid for the imperial throne; one is that prince yamashiro no oe was still young and immature and hated prince yashiro no oe ' s popularity and the other one was that he had to avoid further confrontation with anti- soga clan forces by allowing the ascent of prince yamashiro no oe since the imperial family and the subsequent emperor suiko were supported by the soga clan .


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