antithesis to 意味

  • ~の対照物
  • antithesis:    antithesis n. (pl. -eses) 正反対; 対照, 逆.【形容詞 名詞+】She is the absolute antithesis of the aggressive modern woman.積極的な現代女性とはまったく正反対だthe direct antithesis of……と正反対the exact antithesis of……の正反対in striking a
  • direct antithesis of:    ~と正反対
  • exact antithesis of:    ~の正反対{せいはんたい}


  1. shin soku ri ' is a concept advocated by lu hsiang-shan as the antithesis to zhu xi ' s ' sei soku ri ' , and taken up by wang yangming .
  2. but his original method of study that was created from practices of zen meditation can be a devastating antithesis to philologists and ' philosophy scholars .'


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