argument 意味

発音記号: [ 'ɑ:gjumənt ]発音を聞く   argumentの例文
  • by argument:    議論で、話し合いによって
  • by that argument:    それを言うなら、その理屈{りくつ}だと◆【用法】前文を受けて
  • on the argument that:    (that 以下)という理由{りゆう}で


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  1. and you can get moral argument off the ground , then
  2. so the argument i'm making is , is that we're increasing
  3. i wanted to build an argument for primary education
  4. and here i think we could say that this is an argument
    これを葛藤 自己嫌悪 と呼ぶか
  5. let's say we do it today for the sake of argument


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