armor and helmet 意味



  1. After that , tomoe took off her armor and helmet and ran away toward the eastern country and disappeared from the tale (kakuichi-bon text ).
  2. At first , his armor and helmet (possessed by tokyo national museum now ) and jinbaori (sleeveless campaign jacket worn over armor ) were kept in the saikyo-ji temple .
  3. On december 4 of the same year , yoshiie led 100 men wearing armor and helmets and armed with bows and arrows as a bodyguard during emperor shirakawa ' s visit to kasuga-sha shrine .
    同年12月 4日の白河天皇の春日社行幸に際しては義家は甲冑をつけ、弓箭を帯した100名の兵を率いて白河天皇を警護する。
  4. This method for evaluating performance of a sword , which is usually called ' shitojutsu ' (or shikenjutsu ) is not the evaluation or ranking of a sword from the viewpoint of a sense of beauty or aesthetic value but to evaluate performance of the sword as a practical tool by cutting arms such as armor and helmet , or a real human body (usually , a condemned convict or a dead body ).
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