army base 意味

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  • 陸軍基地{りくぐん きち}
  • (historical) army base:    (historical) army base鎮守府ちんじゅふ
  • army's logistical base:    軍の補給基地{ほきゅう きち}
  • army:    army n. 陸軍; 軍, 軍隊; 大群.【動詞+】photographers who accompanied the army in Vietnamベトナムに従軍したカメラマンThey advanced the army up to new positions.新しい陣地へと軍隊を進めたThe army was arranged for battle.軍は戦闘配置についていたassembl


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  1. this isn't supposed to happen on an army base , man .
  2. figured out they're hitting an army base in spain .
    スペインの軍基地を 狙っているのが判った
  3. you put it in the water supply of a guerrilla army base .
    ゲリラの給水場に 混入された
  4. now if they exist , they're at the army base .
  5. i saw the sign for the army base about five miles back .
    約5マイル後ろに 陸軍基地の看板を見た


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