arrangement with 意味

  • ~との提携{ていけい}
  • arrangement:    arrangement n.(1) 協定, 妥協, 取り決め; 手はず, 準備, 支度.【動詞+】This arrangement is also adopted by Portugal.この取り決めはポルトガルでも採用されているIs it too late to alter the arrangements?手はずを変更するには遅すぎますかcancel an arrangement協定を取り
  • by arrangement:    打ち合わせにより、申し合わせで
  • in arrangement:    整然{せいぜん}と


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  1. why did you accept the wedding arrangement with me ?
    なぜ 私との婚儀を 受け入れられたのですか?
  2. he claims he had a prior arrangement with his broker to sell .
    売却は 事前に決めていたと
  3. i made an arrangement with the king of qarth .
  4. he had a similar arrangement with the man
  5. i would be open to an arrangement with you .


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