art historian 意味

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  • 美術史家{びじゅつ しか}
  • historian:    historian n. 歴史家.【+動詞】as one historian observes …ある歴史家が…と観察しているように.【形容詞 名詞+】an able historian有能な歴史家an amateur historianしろうとの歴史家an art historian芸術史学者a biased historian偏見のある歴史家a careful historian慎重な歴史
  • able historian:    有能{ゆうのう}な歴史家{れきしか}
  • amateur historian:    素人の歴史家{れきしか}


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  1. i subsequently became a professional art historian .
  2. and for me , an american art historian from the 21st century
    21世紀アメリカの美術史家である 私にとって この時がまさに
  3. his nephews were yoshitaka yanagi , who was from a dyeing and weaving family , and juji ishimaru who was an art historian .
  4. in 1908 , he went to france to learn about paintings with kisaku tanaka (later he became an art historian ).
  5. the art historian shigemi komatsu has postulated that the calligrapher of the second style was minamoto no kaneyuki (active around 1023-1074 ).
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