art magazine 意味

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  • 芸術雑誌{げいじゅつ ざっし}
  • subscribe to an art magazine:    美術雑誌{びじゅつ ざっし}を取る
  • in a magazine:    in a magazine誌上しじょう
  • magazine:    magazine n.(1) 雑誌.【動詞+】It has recently absorbed another magazine.(その雑誌は)最近もう 1 つの雑誌を吸収合併したbind magazines into volumes雑誌を合本にするbring out a magazine雑誌を発行するThe firm has succeeded in carrying the magazin


  1. he also cooperated in the launch of an art magazine ' kokka ' (currently still published by asahi shimbun publications inc .) and also worked as its editor .
  2. in september 1912 , using his family ' s money , he published a play and art magazine " toride " which was greatly affected by gordon craig , max reinhardt and maeterlinck , etc .
  3. ogai got along with modern women who had a strong sense of individuality and thus were subject to criticism , for example akiko (whose twins were named by ogai ), raicho , kazue otake who edited high art magazine ' saffron ,' and so on .


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