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  1. Therefore , in the early edo period ensembles of the different kinds of instruments were rarely conducted in the world of art music .
  2. It came to be used for a wide range of music , such as art music and popular songs in the cities , and later also for minyo (a traditional folk song ) in the countryside .
  3. As they were being established as art music , jiuta , so-kyoku and kokyu-gaku each came to retain their own musical composition; each of them became established as a different genre of music .
  4. It is said that kengyo (the highest title of the official ranks within the todo-za ) ishimura , among blind musicians , were the most involved in the improvement of shamisen , its development to art music , and the creation of jiuta .
  5. A theory asserts that the genuine ensemble of koto and shamisen in the world of art music was started by ikuta kengyo in the genroku era , though some disagree with that theory , when he began to add the part of koto music to shamisen music (jiuta ).
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