as ... as possible 意味

  • as ... as possible
  • as as possible:    as póssible できるだけ…の[に]《◆...は副詞,形容詞,または形容詞を伴う名詞》Get up as early as ~ [you can].できるだけ早く起きなさいI need as much money as ~ to the plan. その計画にはできるだけ多くの金が必要だ.
  • if it is possible:    if (it is [at all]) póssible できるならDo it by tomorrow, if ~.([]) できれば明日までにそれをしなさい.
  • if possible:    if possibleもし可能ならばもしかのうならば成る丈なるたけ可能であればかのうであれば


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