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  1. I worked on it as a memorial to you .
    直し終わったとき まるで...
  2. The ' showa no mori ' was completed in 1997 as a memorial to the pacific war .
  3. It was dedicated by takatora todo as a memorial to the soldiers who died during the siege of osaka .
  4. It was built in gionnosu park , kagoshima city in 1978 as a memorial to the landing of the party of xavier near gionnosu , satsuma province .
    - ザビエル一行が薩摩国祇園之洲あたりに上陸したことを記念して、鹿児島市祇園之洲公園に1978年に設置。
  5. As a memorial to the marriage of emperor showa , it was developed as the first athletic park in kyoto city in 1930 and the ballpark was completed in august 1932 .
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