as a prelude to 意味

発音を聞く:   as a prelude toの例文
  • ~への前触れとして
  • prelude:    prelude n. 前奏曲, 序幕; 準備, 用意; 前触れ, 前兆.【形容詞 名詞+】as an appropriate prelude for……への適切な用意としてa Bach preludeバッハの前奏曲a chorale prelude合唱の前奏That shower was a mere prelude to the storm that was to come.そのにわか雨はや
  • prelude to:    ~への序曲{じょきょく}、予選{よせん}
  • chorale prelude:    合唱{がっしょう}の前奏{ぜんそう}


  1. among these there appeared many princesses who were given a title as a prelude to territorial succession , and some were given the title the same day as they formaly became princess/jugo .


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