as a reaction 意味

  • 反動で
  • in reaction to:    ~を受けて、~に対して
  • no reaction:    無反応{む はんのう}
  • reaction:    reaction n. 反応; 反発; 反動, 反作用; 〔物理〕 核反応.【動詞+】anticipate sb's reaction人の反応を見越して手を打つcause a reaction反応を引き起こすconceal one's reaction反応を隠すelicit a reaction反応を誘いだすThe poll tax encountered a strong reaction


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  1. and as a reaction , it stimulates public opinion
  2. socialism emerged as a reaction to that .
  3. and hotta ' s reforms caused ii ' s " ansei no taigoku " (the ansei purge ) as a reaction .
  4. once getting out of the trend of sanzoshu , ' the tanrei and dry boom ' began as a reaction to the sweet taste before and continued for about 20 years .
  5. as a reaction to request for help from nobunao nambu , hideyoshi dispatched punitive force against kunohe , composed by hidetsugu toyotomi , a commander in chief , ujisato gamou , nagamasa asano and mitsunari ishida .


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