as a result 意味

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  • as a result
  • as a result of:    as a result of為ため
  • in the result:    結局{けっきょく}、その結果
  • result:    1result n. 結果, 成果; 成績.【動詞+】accomplish results satisfactory to one's employer雇い主にとって満足な成果を収めるachieve good results好成績をあげるIn my judgment, certain factors affecting the result have been overlooked.私の考えで


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  1. as a result , even a new zabuton weighs two kilograms .
  1. as a result , on the spur of the moment he remembered
    その結果 とっさに思い出したのが
  1. as a result , economics of the prefecture grew lively .
  1. as a result , there are three kinds of bosatsu .
  1. and are now permanently disabled as a result .
    そのせいで今や 障がい者となってしまいました


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