as evidence that 意味

  • (that 以下)ということの証拠{しょうこ}として
  • evidence:    1evidence n. 証拠, 証言; 形跡.【動詞+】accumulate evidence証拠をためるadduce evidence to show that…《文語》 …を示す証拠を提示するadduce evidence in support of…《文語》 …を支持する証拠をあげる.afford abundant evidence《文語》 十分な証拠を提供するThe police b
  • in evidence:    はっきり見えて、目立った、証人{しょうにん}としてNo motive was in evidence in the defendant's testimony. 被告の証言からは動機がはっきり見えなかった。
  • no evidence:    証拠{しょうこ}なし


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  1. it'll serve as evidence that he went to fan fan .
    それがファンファンに行った 証拠となる。
  2. and as evidence that things can actually change
  3. they mentioned as evidence that the whole area around the tumulus is called ' mt . abe ' as a place name .
  4. this fact is assumed as evidence that the kenu clan had wielded great influence over the emishi/ezo (northerners and northeasterners ) from a long time ago .
  5. he also pointed out as evidence that although only the sound of " コ " (ko ) among jodai tokushu kanazukai had survived until the beginning of the heian period , no such distinction had existed in hiragana .


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