as instructed in 意味

  • (人)の指示{しじ}どおりに
  • as instructed:    命令{めいれい}どおりに、指示{しじ}に従って、指示{しじ}どおり
  • instructed:    {形} : 教育を受けた
  • instructed to:    《be ~》~するように指示{しじ}される、~する命を受ける


  1. ryoo made the medicine as instructed in his dream , and then he applied the drug to his wound , then soon after the pain diminished .
  2. its ryome (a weighed value ) is kyome (old japanese unit of measure used around kyoto ) or 4 monme 5 bu as instructed in ink equivalent to the actual measurement value , 16 .7 to 16 .9 gram , of the one exists now .


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