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  1. As is often the case with kosoden (biographies of high ranking monks ) in china , the following story , which could be categorized as shikai (the idea that only through a hermit ' s power should a soul appear outside the body , with flesh left ) in taoism , was spread later .
  2. As is the case with kasagi-dera temple at the south of kontai-ji temple , there are many strange rocks and bizarre stones , and it is presumed that it developed as a place for mountain ascetic practices from ancient times; however , as is often the case with this sort of mountain temple , the circumstances of its development aren ' t clearly known .
  3. As is often the case with commentaries of " the tale of genji " in those days , ' genchusaihi-sho commentary ,' in which esoterica was written , existed separately in contrast to ' suigen-sho ,' which had general annotations; thus there was the emergence of the idea that ' the text of " the tale of genji " would have had a similar experience ,' and 60 chapters of the esoteric " the tale of genji " came to be widely accepted , having a great influence on posterity .
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