as it really is 意味

  • あるがままの
  • really:    reallyどうも本真にほんまにそう如何にもいかにも現にげんに熟つくづく本当にほんとうに全くまったく真にしんにまことに誠にまことに果して果たしてはたして
  • really into:    《be ~》~にぞっこんである、本気{ほんき}で(人)に気がある、~に凝る
  • really?:    Really?ネスパ


  1. to deal with the world as it really is
    芸術家やジャーナリストが リアルな世界を取り上げる責任 --
  2. lord of mysteries , what is bodhi ? it means to know one ' s own mind as it really is .
  3. and in my presence , you will refer to the minister's demand as it really is ... a bribe .
    私の参列に言及して 大臣が本当に要求したように... 賄賂か
  4. the purpose of zazen is not to be bound by the images in your mind but to experience the world and yourself as it really is , and reach a spiritual place of nothingness .
  5. the early stage of the mahayana sutra explained that the aspiration for buddhahood was a ' mind to seek bodhi ,' while this sutra explained that ' bodhi was to know one ' s own mind as it really is .'


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