as many more 意味

  • もうそれだけ
  • many more:    さらに[はるかに?ずっと]多く[たくさん]の◆【用法】many more の後には可算名詞の複数形が来る。He had many more ideas.You can use your energies in many more ways.You and I have so many more important things to discuss.He'll write many more
  • minnie the moocher and many many more:    {映画} : ミニー?ザ?ムーチャー◆米1984
  • for many more years to come:    今後の長年月にわたって、この先何年間も


  1. morgan lundy never uncovered trinity killings in these cities ... which means there could be as many more as nine murders .
    この3カ所を ランディは見逃してた あと9件 あるいは それ以上の殺人があるかも


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