as many 意味

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  • 同じ数だけの
    The two minutes were to me as many hours. その2分間は、私には2時間にも思えた。
  • as many as:    ~するだけの数のもの、~だけ(全部)、~と同数のもの、~ほど(も)、~もの数の
  • for many:    大多数にとって
  • many:    1many pron. 多数(の人).【形容詞 名詞+】A good many of the visitors wore black.訪問者のうちかなりの数の人々が黒い服を着ていた.There are a great many of them.そういうのは非常にたくさんあるhave one too many《口語》 飲みすぎる.【+前置詞】Many of them are not ripe.熟


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  1. shredded as many of the documents as they could
  2. half as many penguins had been oiled and rescued
  3. but among as many choices as there are stars
    星の数ほどある水着の中でも 取り分け競泳水着には
  4. to get as many dinosaurs as we could possibly find
    多くの恐竜を発見し その内のいくつかの
  5. and i want you to adapt as many of those circles as you can


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