as of now 意味

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  • 今[現在{げんざい}]の(ところ)
  • and now:    さて、ところで◆【用法】文頭で
  • as it is now:    現状{げんじょう}では、今ではAs it is now, it's only one day round trip from Osaka to Tokyo. 今では大阪から東京まで日帰りができてしまう。
  • by now:    今ごろはもう、今ごろまでにはBy now you've heard that Lydia is going to marry Kevin. あなたはもう、リディアがケビンと結婚することを聞いているだろう。She's supposed to be back by now. そろそろ帰ってきてもよさそうなものなんだけど。If you don't have one by now, you proba


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  1. but as of now i'm fighting for those who believe in me ...
  2. as of now , there is no report from sit one yet
    潜入したSITワンからの 報告では
  3. as of now , the effect on transportation in all areas ...
  4. it was the last film he directed as of now .
  5. there are no death casualties as of now .
    今のところ 死者は 出ていないようです。


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