as substitute for 意味

  • ~の代わりに、~に代えて、~の代理として、入れ代わりに、~の代用品{だいようひん}として
  • a substitute:    a substitute身代りみがわり
  • not a substitute for:    《be ~》~に代わるものではない
  • substitute:    1substitute n. 代用物, 代役.【動詞+】find a substitute for……の代用物を見つけるimprovise a substitute from……から代用物を即席で作るThe reserve player made a poor substitute for the injured player.その控え選手はけがをした選手の代役としてはお粗末だったThey m


  1. in addition , since young headmen such as motofusa ichijo and kanesada ichijo carried on his parental home , or the tosa ichijo clan , there was a period where he went back to tosa province and took up a political assignment as substitute for master of the tosa ichijo clan .
  2. in recent years , except the case of margarine above , there are not so many examples about the use of whale bodies as food but there is a case that whale extract which produced in norway was used as substitute for beef extract as ingredient of consomme (a clear soup ).
  3. for a long time , aomi daikon has been an indispensable crop for ceremonial occasions; it has been used as an ingredient in clear soup , and the green portion as substitute for cucumbers or side green of sashimi , and has been a much-prized item of tsukemono (japanese pickled vegetables ).


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