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  1. Furthermore , it became the center of japanese colonial administration in korea both nominally and virtually as symbolized by the fact that the imperial family owned the stock of the company .
  2. In the theory of gojihakkyosetsu , it is considered that , as a matter of course , shakyamuni preached a perfect teaching as symbolized by myo , which means myohorengekyo; i .e ., the sutra hokkekyo , in ' enkyo .'
  3. The onin war served to accelerate the downfall of shoguns and shugo daimyos and to raise the status of true strongmen , as symbolized by the acquisition by takakage asakura , who had been a deputy shugo , of the rank of shugo daimyo .
  4. As symbolized by the words of soteki asakura ' winning is everything for a warrior , even though he may be called a dog or beast ' , it involves a harsh philosophy where winning a battle is important , even if one might be criticized for being a coward .
  5. As symbolized by the fact that kichizaemon was called " kacho-sama ," extremely high respect was accorded to the kichizaemon , from the high-ranking position of head of the directors down to the rank and file , and the successive kichizaemon elevated the sumitomo name through the cultural enterprise on one hand while on the other hand trying to raise the corporate morale as the family head and president of the zaibatsu main company .
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