ash hoe 意味

  • 灰かき
  • hoe:    1hoe n. (長柄の)くわ; 除草器.【動詞+】drag a hoe between rows of seedlings苗木の列の間を除草器を引くswing a hoeくわをふるうuse a hoeくわを使う.【形容詞 名詞+】an agricultural hoe農業用のくわa garden hoe庭園用のくわa long-handled hoe長い柄のくわ.【前置詞+】the blad
  • hoe in:    hóe ín [自]((豪俗))懸命に食べる.
  • ash:    ash n. 灰; 遺骸, 遺骨(の灰).【動詞+】I want to have my ashes buried under this oak tree.私の遺骨はこのオークの木の下に埋めてほしいIn her will she stated that her ashes should be cast on the sea.遺言書の中で遺骨の灰は海に撒(ま)いてほしいと述べたPlease cle


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