asked to resign 意味

  • 《be ~》諭旨免職{ゆし めんしょく}になる
  • to be asked to:    to be asked to言付かることづかる
  • resign:    resign v. 辞職する; 譲り渡す; 身をまかす; あきらめて…する.【副詞1】resign en bloc総辞職するShe resigned herself entirely to his will.彼の意思にすっかり身を委ねるformally resign正式に辞職するHe was allowed to quietly resign from his post.穏便に辞職することが認
  • resign as:    ~の地位を辞職する、~の職を辞める、~を辞任{じにん}するIf we lose the vote, I shall resign as leader.He had to resign as guardian due to ill health.Bush announced that Baker would resign as Secretary of State.Mikhail Gorbach


  1. you might be asked to resign .
    校長先生の進退も 問われることになりますよ
  2. so you have been asked to resign . you too have that age now ?
    何だ 肩たたきか。 あんたも もう そういう年か。
  3. for this , he asked to resign from the post of daisozu in july , but was dissuaded by the emperor .


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