asked to select 意味

  • 《be ~》~の選択{せんたく}を求められる
  • to be asked to:    to be asked to言付かることづかる
  • select:    select v. 選ぶ.【副詞1】If one circuit fails, another is automatically selected. 1つの回路がだめになると別の回路が自動的に選ばれるThe material is selected carefully.材料は入念に選ばれるThe journalists were only allowed to see carefully se
  • to select:    to select拾い出すひろいだす選り抜くよりぬくえりぬく撰ぶ選ぶえらぶ選るよる選り出すよりだすえりだす見出だすみいだす見立てるみたてる選び出すえらびだす


  1. however , since the person whom konoe asked to select this name was kinmochi saionji , who was well-versed in the past customs of the imperial court and samurai families , it is open to speculation .


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