assurance that 意味

  • 《be an ~》(主語は that 以下を)保証{ほしょう}してくれるものである
  • assurance:    assurance n. 確信; 約束, 保証; 自信; 厚かましさ; 《英》 保険.【動詞+】Don't accept their assurances without checking carefully.慎重に調べずに彼らの約束を信じてはいけないgive (an) assurance約束するDo I have your assurance that these proceedings a
  • absolute assurance:    絶対的保証{ぜったい てき ほしょう}
  • act with assurance:    自信{じしん}を持って行動{こうどう}する


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  1. word for word , this is precisely the assurance that he demands of me ?
    一字一句間違いなく 答えていいのだね?
  2. article 3 and 4 won assurance that the emperor would not reject ceremonies depending on his likes and dislikes .
  3. i know i've made some very poor decisions recently but i can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal .
    私は最近 誤った判断を下しました しかし 今後は 正常に動作すると―― 確約できます
  4. what motivated samurai in a province to participate in the activities to capture criminals was the assurance that their achievements would be rewarded .
  5. i will instruct our ships to withdraw , but i need your assurance that we will discuss reparations for the loss of our carrier and the soldiers aboard .
    艦隊に引き返すよう指示する だが我が軍の損害については― そちらに補償をお願いする


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