asthmatic cough 意味

  • ぜんそく性{せい}の咳{せき}
  • asthmatic:    {名} : ぜんそく患者{かんじゃ}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形} : 喘息の、喘息持ちの --------------------------------------------------------------------------------【発音】
  • cough:    1cough n. せき; せきの出る病気.【動詞+】catch a coughせきの出る病気にかかるI have developed a slight cough.少しせきが出ますemit short dry coughs短いからせきをするHe got a cough.せきの出るかぜをひいたHe gave a peremptory cough to declare his presence.
  • to cough:    to cough咳くしわぶく咽るむせる


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