at a breath 意味

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  • 一気に、一息に
  • a breath:    a breath一息ひといき
  • breath:    breath n. 息, 呼吸; 微風.【動詞+】bate one's breath《文語》 息を殺す, かたずをのむThe breeze blew a breath of fresh air into the room.すがすがしい風がかすかに部屋に入ってきたbreathe the breath of liberty《文語》 自由の気を吸うbreathe one's last breath息
  • breath of:    わずかの


  1. nobunaga , getting the information of shingen ' s death , went on an offensive at a breath; nobody could stand up against nobunaga , and one after another of the network was defeated impotently .


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