at a difficult age 意味

  • 難しい年頃に
  • age in which it is extremely difficult to determine whether a crisis constitutes a state of war:    戦争状態{せんそう じょうたい}であるかどうかを決めるのが極めて困難{こんなん}な[難しい]時代{じだい}
  • difficult:    difficult adj. 困難な, 難しい; 扱いにくい; 気難しい.【副詞】an extremely difficult issueきわめて難しい問題Computer science is fascinatingly difficult.コンピューターサイエンスは難しいだけにおもしろくもあるThis problem is formidably difficult.この問題は恐ろしく手ごわ
  • age:    1age n.(1) 年齢, 年; 老齢; 寿命.【動詞+】learn to accept old age老齢を受け入れるようになるAct your age!年相応にふるまいなさいI anticipate a lonely old age in a hospital bed.病院のベッドで孤独な老後を送ることになるだろうと思う“What does he look like?"―“He's ap


  1. anyway , he's at a difficult age .
    とにかく 難しい年頃だから➡
  2. you're at a difficult age ...
  3. he's at a difficult age .


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