at a disadvantage 意味

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  • 不利な立場で
  • at disadvantage:    at disadvantage分が悪いぶがわるい
  • disadvantage:    disadvantage n. 不利, 不便; 不利な境遇; 障害, ハンディキャップ; 損失.【動詞+】The advantages exactly balanced the disadvantages.利点が不利な点を相殺したThe low cost of long-distance bus travel counterbalances the disadvantage of slowne
  • to disadvantage:    不利{ふり}(な条件{じょうけん})で、損をして、損になって、割りを食って


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  1. being an ally of justice puts you at a disadvantage .
    損ですね。 正義の味方は。
  2. trying to learn how to win at a disadvantage .
    不利な立場で 勝つ方法を学習してる
  3. the end result is that he put us at a disadvantage .
    この戦いだらけの くだらない世の中に終止符を打つ。
  4. there's no doubt we're at a disadvantage .
    ウチが不利なことは 間違いありません
  5. he's as good as they say . he waited until i was at a disadvantage .


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