at a straw 意味

  • わらにもすがろうとする
  • in the straw:    お産の床について
  • straw:    straw n. 麦わら, わら; ストロー; わら 1 本ほどの無価値なもの; わらのくじ.【動詞+】braid straw麦わらを編むHe doesn't care a straw about his personal appearance.身なりを少しもかまわないcast a straw to see which way the wind is blowing風向きを知るためにわらを放り
  • a man of straw:    a mán of stráw ((古))(1) わら人形,かかし.(2) 役に立たない[見せかけだけの]人間;架空の敵[相手].


  1. on the other hand , makiwara are not only used for practice or for beginners , but require some archery techniques based on manners and enbu (military exercises ), including makiwara-jarei (a way of ceremonial shooting to aim at a straw target ).


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