at a tender age 意味



  1. for fuyosama , who lost her mother at a tender age and was lonely .
    幼い頃 母を亡くし 孤独だった芙蓉様のためでした。
  2. becoming a priest at a tender age , he learnt the principle of the ritsushu sect and that of the tendaishu sect .
  3. his father , norimori , was called kadowakichunagon and the heir , michimori , also was conferred jugoinoge (junior fifth rank , lower grade ) and appointed a kurodo (keeper of imperial archives ) at a tender age , and after that he obtained repeated promotions smoothly .
  4. however , in reality , tadazane was 22 in 1099 when his father moromichi died suddenly and he became sessho (regent ) at a tender age (younger than his great grandfather , who had taken on the role at 26 years ), and as he had not even served as a minister , he did not become kampaku (chancellor ) and was confined to private audiences , and his grandfather fujiwara no morozane , who was already retired , had no remaining influence to support tadazane , leading to a decline in the power of the sekkan-ke (family eligible to be regents ).
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