at close quarters 意味

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  • 間近{まぢか}に、接近{せっきん}して
    Trainers feed the dolphins at close quarters at the aquarium. 水族館でトレーナーは、イルカに間近でえさを与える。
  • close quarters:    狭苦しい[窮屈{きゅうくつ}な]場所{ばしょ}[部屋{へや}]、近接地帯{きんせつ ちたい}、接近戦{せっきん せん}
  • in close quarters:    至近距離{しきん きょり}で戦って、接近戦{せっきん せん}で、狭苦{せまくる}しい[窮屈{きゅうくつ}な]場所{ばしょ}[部屋{へや}]で
  • bitter fighting at close quarters:    激烈{げきれつ}な近接戦{きんせつ せん}


  1. has it occurred to you at the very least we'll be able to observe brody at close quarters in a high stress environment which we can control .
    こう思った事は? ブロディを間近で観察する絶好の機会 高度に緊迫した環境で
  2. they fought fiercely with bombardment and rife-shooting in a fog at close quarters so that the distance between them was a little more than 10 steps when the fog cleared .


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