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  • 食事中{しょくじちゅう}で
    That happened at dinner last night. それは昨夜の夕食時に起こった。
  • dinner:    dinner n. 正餐(さん), ディナー, 食事, (主として)夕食; ごちそう; パッケージの即席料理.【動詞+】attend a dinner晩餐会に出席するChildren bring their dinners to school.《英》 子供たちは弁当持参で登校するShe inadvertently burned the dinner and had to order a tak
  • after dinner:    after dinner夕食後ゆうしょくご
  • after-dinner:    {形} : 正餐後のWould anyone care for some coffee or an after-dinner drink?I want to get you some after-dinner brandy.I think a little after-dinner music might be appropriate.


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  1. wyck and duval did argue at dinner the other night .
    夕食の後に 言い争っていたことだ
  2. at dinner . that's actually not a bad idea , tandy .
    夕食時に - 悪くない タンディ
  3. then why didn't you say she was a factory worker at dinner ?
  4. tishka ! what did we speak about at dinner ?
    チー シ カ 食事の と き 何を話 したか な
  5. so i happen to be at dinner with this photographer


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