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  1. With their students keeping up at grade level
  2. It has crossed the kyoto city trams shijo line at grade since the start of its operation .
  3. Every year , in the latter part of october , the east japan preliminary and the west japan preliminary are held in the form of tournament (female players at grade a are qualified for the participation ).
  4. The side track extending from platform 3 and 4 in the direction of shugakuin used to be a diverging double track , and the track extending from platform 3 used to cross the track leading from the outbound eizan main line to the kurama line at grade .
  5. Until september 1978 , the keishin line would cross at grade with the higashiyama line of the kyoto city trams , which would run on higashiyama-dori street , and higashiyama-sanjo station served as a transfer station to higashiyama-sanjo station of the kyoto city trams .
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