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  1. For they're launching a boat on the tyne at high tide
  2. The water rushes to the gate at high tide on the night of the great full moon .
  3. At high tide at night , the coastline'll be about 100 metres closer than it is now .
    夜中の満潮時には... そうだねぇ
  4. At high tide , the water level rises so much that even this boat has trouble getting under bridges .
    ハハハ... 満潮の時なんか 水位が上昇するから
  5. At high tide , the ocean currents from the bungo-suido channel and the kii-suido channel flow into the seto inland sea , where they collide off the coast of tomonoura (located roughly in the center of the seto inland sea ); at low tide , however , they flow away from each other , with the current from the kii-suido channel flowing to the east and that from the bungo-suido channel flowing to the west and the coast of tomonoura serving as a kind of central border .
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